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Colony Surf

Escape Your Every day Please enjoy the best vacation at this condominium which is representative of Hawaii.

Appearance photo


Colony Surf is surrounded by Kaimana Beach Park, Kapiolani Park, and Diamond Head.

The tourists from the mainland and people living in Hawaii love this condo. It is becoming more and more popular since a lot of Japanese media focused on this condo.
This white colored building has a great contrast with blue color of sky/sea and green color of Diamond head in Hawaii.


  • A sign saying “Michels” is the landmark to find. You can find it next to the New Otani Hotel when it's difficult to see at night. You can tell the Uber or Taxi drivers "to Michels" or "to New Otani Hotel" when you use them.
  • You need to register your car when you use a parking space. Anyone can register when you use only one stall. Parking is on a first come, first serve basis when you use more than one car.
Entrance Hall photo

Entrance Hall

The manager is on duty for 24 hours. Please check in at this counter.

Please note that the parking can be crowded after 5pm because of the customers of Michel's restaurant.
The valet parking staff stand at the entrance.


  • You might not see anyone at the front desk sometimes at night. If so, please call the number on the front desk or you can wait for a security person.
    The elevators require the key. Please make sure you have the key to your room when you go out.
Living room photo

Living room

When you walk into the condo the view takes your breath away. You can enjoy Diamondhead and the ocean view perfectly from the Hawaiian modern living room.
Please feel the aloha and relax yourself at this beautiful place.


  • You can see the sunrise and also avoid the sunset heat since the unit faces east.
  • We recommend you to go down to the beach or Michel's restaurant if you want to see the sunset.
  • It is cooled by ceiling fan and trade winds as there is not an air conditioner. It can be a little warm when the winds are not blowing.
Bed room photo

Bed room

There are two bedrooms, both with queen size beds.
Each bedroom has a bathroom (toilet and shower), so two families or two groups can stay in separate rooms.

The lovely red chair in a bedroom is a great photo spot! You can take a photo with views of Pacific beach and Diamond Head there.


  • There is no balcony and the fence is low. Please be careful not to drop your things.
  • We do not recommend this unit for small children because of this.
Kitchen/Dinning room photo

Kitchen/Dinning room

The fully equipped kitchen has a gas stove/oven, full-size refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher, The breakfast bar is great for cooking during your staying.

You can enjoy an incredible view from the kitchen.


  • There is no exclusive ventilation fan but you can open the window behind the kitchen for fresh air.
  • To use the gas stove: Please twist the knob to "Light" and stop for a few seconds.
Ocean View photo

Ocean View

There are large opening windows even if though there is no lanai in the room.

You can enjoy the top of Diamond Head, Kapiolani Park, and two social clubs, the Elk and the Outrigger Canoe Club, and the Pacific Ocean outside of the windows.
You can also see the waves of a surf point called Tongs.


  • Trade winds keep you unit cool but the winds can be pretty strong, so please mind your things.
  • The unit is basically quiet all day, but you might hear some voices of people who play at the beach volleyball court of the social club.

Colonysurf -
Virtual Reality Travel Movie

Please enjoy the charm of colony surf with video.

Please check out this video for further details about Colony Surf !
2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 parking. The most famous Vacation Rentals unit in Waikiki.
The Diamondhead and Ocean View are amazing.
You will never beat this cheap price in Hawaii. One and only. Colony Surf!!
We took this beautiful unit from a little different angle.
Please check out this photogenic room tour! Check the photo spot for the instagram.
Find your own spot.
This minimum 30 nights (almost 1 month) Vacation Rentals units are actually very low rate a night.
You cannot beat this price in Waikiki in this quality. Enjoy with you two or with family.
You will never forget the vacation in Hawaii in Colony Surf!

Photogenic Spots for Instagram

Photogenic Spots in Colony Surf! Take photos inside and outside. Everything happens inside you. Do not forget the moment!
These are just examples. Enjoy Instagram photos and your own stay in Colony Surf!!
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Colony Surf Instagram1
Just sit down at the window, then you'll get the nice shot with the background of the beautiful Diamond Head and blue sky! Diamond Head has many faces depending on the weather and time. Red Diamond Head in Sunset!! If you are lucky enough, take photo with Diamond Head and Rainbow together!!
Colony Surf Instagram2
Take your BTS photo with your favorite PJs! You'll get the best one since this unit is beach themed. You may enjoy the Diamond Head from this bed. You cannot imagine how beautiful the view is. You can enjoy this every day from here.
Colony Surf Instagram3
You'll get photogenic photos anywhere! Time flies so fast when you relax on the couch looking at breathtaking views. This sofa in the living room will be one of the best photogenic spots in this room. We would ask you how many photogenic photos you took during stay. Share with us in Instagram. Put the following tags and we will like you.
Colony Surf Instagram4
You will notice the red chair in the master bedroom. You want selfie with the chair ya? But please look around you very carefully. See what is going to see once you sit the chair. Take a look at the mirror in front. Then release the shutter. Please share your photo with the red chair in your instagram. And put the following tags. We are looking forward to seeing it.

Colony Surf -
My best feature points

Recommended by users and staff, favorite points.

Mana's phpto


Vallet dancer

I had been longing for this incredible condominium since it was featured by a Japanese TV show. I thought it was only for special occasion to stay because it required 30 nights minimum stay.

However, it was as cheap as I stayed with my family for long term vacation! The beach spreading in front of me has enough privacy. The sunset which I watched from the Michel's restaurant on the first floor was also unforgettable. I could enjoy Diamond Head and the ocean view from the open windows.

Staying at this unit for a month was my best memory!

Mayumi's phpto


Custmer support staff

This unit was fully renovated by a local artist and will make you feel the good vibes and energy of Hawaii and luxury.

We recommend you rent a car since the place is a bit far from the center of Waikiki. The Gold Coast is longed by many people in Hawaii, Colony Surf having a big presence among them!

This is my best recommendation!

Arry's phpto

Arry Okano


This condo was built in 1960s. You can feel the old Hawaiian unlike Kakaako's newest condominium.

The views from this unit are spectacular and breathtaking. Enjoy sleeping while listening to the ocean waves roll in and watching Diamond Head illuminated by the moonlight.

We prepare a pair of Japanese style disposable slippers and a drip coffee in the room. Please refill missing items yourself and enjoy creating your style.

Oliver's phpto


Cleanup charge

This unit is right next to the nature in Hawaii. Sometimes the wind is strong but you'll forget when you walk in this room.

This beautiful room is large and fully equipped. It usually takes half a day to clean this unit but time passes so fast.

It is the most relaxing room ever. We are dedicated to cleaning with passion.

Please enjoy your stay!

Joy's phpto


Cleanup charge

The sunset rising from Diamond Head is extraordinary. We love cleaning this room!

Opening and closing the windows are a bit difficult, but please enjoy feeling the trade winds.
Parking lot will secure up to two cars when you go to the management office on the first floor (If there is vacancy).

The unit has a washer and dryer machine inside.


Area Information

We will inform you of recommended spot information around colony surf.
Please do go when you come to the site.



This is the world-famous French restaurant in front of the ocean in Hawaii. Simple steps to book! Just get down to the first floor with an elevator and ask the server.


Best time to book is around 5-6pm because you can enjoy dinner with the beautiful sunset in front of the ocean.
You can also enjoy the Hilton Hawaiian Village fireworks from this restaurant every Friday. We recommend taking photos of the beautiful ocean view. You'll get the best photo in Hawaii. Enjoy your special moment at this fine restaurant.

Kapiolani Park

Kapiolani Park

Queen Kapiʻolani Regional Park is the largest and second oldest public park in Hawaii.


The mission of the Kapiolani Park Preservation Society is to preserve and protect the beauty of the Park. It has green open spaces and magnificent trees, and is free and open to all. Enjoy yoga, a picnic, or anything you like around this colorful park.

  • Kalakaua Ave / Monsarrat Ave / Paki Ave

Waikiki Aquarium

Waikiki Aquarium

Waikiki Aquarium is located near Kapiolani Park. It will delight you with multi-colored tropical fish, monk seals, reef sharks, live corals, and much more. Recognized as the 2nd oldest aquarium in US, the Waikiki Aquarium was first built in 1904.


It is part of the University of Hawaii today and has been designated as the Coastal Ecosystem Learning Center for the Pacific Island Region of the Coastal America Partnership. The exhibits at this aquarium consist of about 3500 marine animals, and is visited by over 350,000 visitors per year. All programs are focused on Hawaiian and tropical Pacific aquatic life.

Honolulu Zoo

Honolulu Zoo

Honolulu Zoo is located at the entrance of Kapiolani Park. There are approximately 900 different animals from the tropics that now reside at the Honolulu Zoo.


Komodo Dragons, orangutans, elephants, primates, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and a variety of African animals can be viewed in their specially-designed habitats daily. Aside from the usual animal exhibits, there's a Keiki Zoo with goats that the kids can pet, as well as some cows and chickens. Kids who live in Hawaii love touring around the zoo and aquarium.

Mylan/Barefoot Dreams

Mylan/Barefoot Dreams

Mylan and Barefoot Dreams are located next to New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel. These brands are very popular and loved by celebrities.


You can see many colorful resort dresses in Mylan which are designed by a famous stylist in Japan. The Barefoot Dreams collection features a variety of soft and luxurious blankets and throws, precious newborn and toddler wear, distinctive accessories, and adult apparel which also good to have during your stay.

  • 2863 Kalakaua, Honolulu, HI 96815
  • Barefoot Dreams:(808) 926-1560
  • Mylan:(808) 260-9950
  • OPEN:9:00~19:00

Barefoot Beach Cafe

Barefoot Beach Cafe

Barefoot Beach cafe is located in front of Queen's Surf Beach, next to Waikiki Aquarium. This casual oceanfront restaurant and cafe is great to have breakfast/ lunch after surfing.


Also, you can enjoy dinner with a beautiful sunset over Waikiki while enjoying live music and dinner.

  • 2699 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu
  • (808)924-2233
  • OPEN:7:00〜20:30


It is about 10 minutes walk from the center of Waikiki. Very quiet environment.

address 2895 Kalakaua Ave,
Honolulu, HI 96815

YouTube Movie for Sightseeing Spots

It is a recommended spot video around the property.
please refer.

【360 Degree Virtual Tour Movie!!】
Enjoy Almost Private Beach!!
It is just 10 seconds. walk from the Colony Surf!!
You may enjoy checking the social club, Outrigger Canoe Club, Michaels, Beach, and Sky!!
Just 30 seconds walk to the Bus Stop.
Colony Surf has 2 parking spaces, but you may enjoy riding The Bus to the any spots you like!!
Take 14, 19, 20, and 22 for your bus trip!!

About LEI HAWAII Realty Inc

Ray Hawai real estate managing 100 rooms or more around Waikiki. It owns its own cleaning department not owned by other companies. We prepared 20 staff for field response.

Also, due to the large number of correspondence of inquiries, the major management company utilizes air bee and bee that tends to shy away, with a word of mouth, making use of his face. I manage with confidence with management.

Confidence that it is impossible for other companies to do things that can not be done by Ray Hawaii, we manage management with education in Hawaii to manage while enjoying with owners.

Let's spend a special time in Hawaii

You can surely experience enriching your life!